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 Newport Street

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We continue along Newport Street and go on towards Trinity Church. The shop at the far end of the block has been a post office for many years, On this picture the PO is closer to us. The large sign on this block says Lees Dining Rooms. We see the railway bridge under which the Preston line passes (it goes under Great Moor St and Moor Lane then up Deane and the Croal valley to Lostock).

Bolton News picture date unknown.


The Wheatsheaf is recognisable and of course we are clearly looking across Great Moor Street and along Newport Street to the Town Hall.


There seems to be some sort of procession emerging from GMS on the right, Whit Walks? On the left the newsagent is advertising News of the World and on the right we have an advert for Colman's Mustard and the premises of a clogger and boot repairer.

Newport Street, Burlington Commercial Hotel, they offer refreshments and teas. The writing on the window is "Burlington" though it is not quite clear what they are selling, looks like fancy cakes;


Picture from Denis McCann

Newport Street, Profitt’s in new building on left, SIGNS shop has been useful in locating a couple of pictures to here. Note the block to the right with seven (possibly eight) shop fronts and four multiple chimneys at the left end.


Picture from Denis McCann.

Newport Street looking towards Wheatsheaf and Town Hall, Burlington Hotel on the left. c1900 electric trams so no earlier. Picture from Bolton Museum Archives.

Newport Street


The street name-plate says Bk Newport Street which could be slightly confusing since the frontages of the shops are Newport Street. "SIGNS" comes to the rescue.

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c1970 copied from Gordon Readyhough book


Newport Street, Battersby’s This building is to the right of Proffitt's. It has replaced the SIGNS shop and the four premises at the end of that block. The remaining three premises with the Post Office on the corner are still there. It is Battersby’s final home built in 1958. After the closure of Battersby’s this shop was briefly Morrison’s, then Kwik Save, then before demolition a sunbed studio.


The block to the left had Bolton’s first Argos which was Salvation Army until demolition.



The Newport Street / Great Moor Street corner has now been entirely demolished to make way for the new transport interchange.  

Bolton News 2/4/2013 reported that 16 businesses are now subject to Compulsory Purchase Orders of which five (Salvation Army, B&M Bargains, Sunshine Dance Studios, Smart Parking) will close because other premises have not yet been found. Salvation Army have indicated that they may eventually open elsewhere.


From Bolton Museum Archives, probably Spender 1937


Newport Street


We see SIGNS again, Lees Dining Rooms have become Lees Cafe.  The Post Office is probably now on the end of the block, there is a postbox on that corner.

That block from the opposite end.


From the collection of Angela Thompson


Newport Street: SIGNS .... Avery Scales, Hindley Knight, Post Office, the side streets at both ends of the block are labelled Back Newport Street.

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The scene in 1998


(C) W D Collier


Aults, one of the oldest businesses in Bolton still existing is on the right.

24 September 2009 (C) W D Collier


Salvation Army, B&M, Sunshine Studios, newsagent, post office. The yellow sign warns of a temporary ban on turning right into Trinity Street. The new bridge is now open after lots of teething troubles.

24 September 2009 (C) W D Collier


As previous but a little further to the right showing the complete bridge and the Olympus fish and chip shop.

p9 124 044.5 Newport Street ready for demolition f p9 125 044.5 Newport St demolished. Shannons remains p9 126 044.9 View across demolished Newport St to St Pats and CG School

9 May 2013 (C) W D Collier


Newport Street ready for demolition for the construction of the new transport interchange

28 December 2013 (C) W D Collier


Newport St demolished. Shannons remains for now. There was some hope that this building, with a curved corner to match the Wheatsheaf and the chemists on the opposite corners, would be retained but that hope was groundless.

28 December 2013 (C) W D Collier


View across demolished Newport St to St Patricks and what had been the County Grammar School

p9 127 2014 02 11 93 p9 128 2014 11 29 Newport St Bridge

11 February 2014 (C) W D Collier


The whole of that side of Newport Street, including Shannon's, has now been demolished.

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Probably 2006, the bridge had been built not much behind schedule but was still not open because of a string of problems, like when a vehicle was in the middle, the ends lifted up a number of inches! The cost had increased to £4million. “How could it be a gateway into Bolton?” people were asking, “when the road was one way so that only vehicles leaving Bolton could use it!”  Pity also that this way into Bolton has been allowed to get so run down.

(C) W D Collier


A look back through the new bridge to the Town Hall.

29 November 2014 (C) W D Collier


View of the bridge from close to Morrison's.

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We reach the far end of Newport Street close to Trinity Church. The Railway Hotel is on the left and we see a tram and three buses. The date is probably early 1940s shortly before trams were discontinued.

Newport Street looking back from the Railway Hotel towards the Town Hall.

Newport Street, last stretch to  the Railway Hotel and Trinity Church.


1960s, 70s


From collection of Edward Thompson

Trinity Street, Newport Street, Crook Street junction before realignment, and rebuilding of the bridge. Railway Hotel.  c1960-65

Bolton Archives


Newport Street / Trinity Street junction, Railway Hotel


This may be from the Spender collection which would date it as 1937. Certainly before 1947 as trams are still running.

A fantastic picture from 1966 first posted by Gene Watts.


Air view of Crook Street, Sweet Green, Trinity Church, Railway Hotel, Trinity Street, station still has its canopy, old road alignment.


A- the remnants of the Bolton-Leigh railway sweeping off the picture to the right to Great Moor Street Station


B-Hick Hargreaves


C- Crook Street


D-Sweet Green Tavern, the realigned road now passes behind the pub.


E- Newport Street


F- the footbridge beloved of trainspotters and schoolboys from Trinity Street to Johnson Street and Great Moor Street opposite Mawdesley Street.


G- Trinity Street going down to Manchester Road and Bradshawgate


H- Thynne Street still being used as a bus terminus for the Manchester No. 8 and others. Above Trinity Church is Thistlethwaites Tyres before rebuilding.


I- Bridgeman Street.


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Thistlethwaite’s on Thynne Street before rebuilding. It is now part of the ProTyre group.



Crook Street, Hick Hargreaves, Sweet Green Tavern.

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