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Coronation Street

From Victoria Square  Old Hall Street South ran to Ashburner Street. From there you could turn left down Ashburner Street towards Newport Street and Timpson's shoe shop. After about twenty yards you found the BRUSHES shop on your left and directly opposite was Coronation Street which ran parallel to Newport Street to Great Moor Street emerging behind the Wheatsheaf Hotel. Coronation Street acted as Back Newport Street.  


Since the widening of Newport Street and the rebuilding of the shops on its the west side Coronation Street has been moved to a position more or less on a line with Old Hall Street and the two together are now called Coronation Street. The junction with Great Moor Street has been moved even further west and shares the entrance to the Octagon multi-storey car park.

Coronation Street looking towards BRUSHES on Ashburner Street. On the right a short street goes through to Newport Street. In the 1800s the firestation was on this street. We can see Brooks and Spring fruit and vegetable wholesalers and Ellison's carpets.

Coronation Street looking from Ashburner Street along towards Great Moor Street which is seen in the distance.


Hesford's and Ellison's carpets, Brooks and Spring open sliding door, Jubilee Fish and Game Stores.




Although the line of Coronation Street has moved slightly (to the right, it aligned with and replaced Old Hall Street South) in effect nowadays on the right is the Octagon car park and on the left the back yards of the Newport Street shops.


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Coronation Street, Jubilee Store and rear of Wheatsheaf, looking towards Great Moor Street

Post card from the collection of David Whenlock.




In the above picture, to this side of the Wheatsheaf hotel are wooden railings. The picture to the right show what was there previously. The "M" is the start of Magee Marshall on the Wheatsheaf sign board.




It is thought that William Hall was the forerunner of Hall's that some of us remember as a wholesaler on the Ashburner Street Market. We can see poultry, rabbits, bananas and the sort of containers sometimes used for new potatoes. Whether this firm's activity as a Commission Agent consisted in offering the fruit and vegetables etc from producers to the retail sellers or whether this wholesale business was separate from that of the Commission agency, we do not know.


P6 60 P6 10 P6 20

This is the little street between Coronation Street (to the left) and Newport Street (to the right)  (and seems also to be called Coronation St). This is the original firestation.




To the right is the premises which later became the Warwickshire shop, a landmark on the pictures of Newport Street.The premises are labelled as S. S--- but Denis McCann provides the following information. “W H Houghton’s boot and shoe shop  occupied the building to the right fronting onto Newport St before Warwickshire. The Fire service occupied this site for 28 years before moving to Marsden Road in 1899.” Denis McCann


Similar shot quite a bit later. Fire station has been taken over by Brooks and Spring. Shop on corner of Newport Street is now Warwickshire.

On the next page will will return briefly to Victoria Square before travelling along Newport Street.

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