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   Ashburner Street, Coronation Street, Old Hall Street

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Market Hotel on the corner of Old Hall Street South and Ashburner Street, . The BRUSHES shop is quite a landmark and can be seen on many pictures. It is opposite the end of Coronation Street and can be seen from all along that street.

Taken by Bill Shaw of Montrose Avenue in 1956 – does he mean 1957? This is Ashburner Street between New Hall Lane South and Newport Street. The pub is the Market Hotel, in the 1930s its landlord had been a friend of Bill Shaw’s family, Billy Eatock, a well known boxer who used to train other boxers in a room upstairs. The hotel was demolished in 1957. In those days carparks were just empty spaces – no charge.

Ashburner Street and Old Hall Street with the Market Hotel, then BRUSHES. A clear view down to Timpson's on Newport Street. Photograph from Bolton Archives.

Similar view but from slightly further back. Some demolition has already taken place on the left.


This is Ashburner Street looking from further back than the previous pictures. Timpsons at the end gives a clue to where the street comes out, Newport Street of course. Howell Croft South runs across the picture.


Long length of Ashburner Street to Newport Street from Spring Gardens. The Robin Hood Hotel and everything to the left is about to meet its end. The Crescent was to be built here. Buildings at the far end of Ashburner Street survive until the next clearance in the late 1950s.

Bolton 1911 crop 029 x67a Cresent south 030 x67b Crescent south

April 1957

Looking down from the Town Hall to Victoria Square where we see Battersby’s holding a demolition sale. The street going up from centre to right is Old Hall Street South – Old Hall Street being cut in half by the Town Hall. All this area is about to be demolished for the new Newport Street shops.

Just a week or two later demolition has started.  Battersby’s still seems to selling, but not for long.

Old Hall Street North

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