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   Great Moor Street

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Bradshawgate with Richard Moyles ladies outfitters on the near corner of Great Moor Street and the Balmoral Hotel on the far corner.

A very large well stocked shop. This corner building was called Crompton House.

You can see Crompton House sign on this picture. Many viewers will not remember Moyles, but will remember that it next became John Willie's furnishers.

It became licensed premises and in this picture, early 1990s it was Chester Moonshines. The building has a surprisingly plain look just by the removal of the top balustrade.

Then Revolution

and later a Chinese Restaurant


not my picture - I cannot find out whose it is. Is it yours?


Of particular note in this picture is that Gregory and Porritts who originally had the white building have now expanded onto the site that was previously the Salvation Army Citadel.


Further away we can see the Mawdesley Street Sunday School building and on the left Bolton County Grammar School (the elephant school)

This picture was posted on facebook by, and I imagine belongs to, Michael Snape.


We have a slightly clearer view of G&P and note that the new building on the site of the Savation Army Citadel mimics the old one with its points on the fascia roof line.

Picture posted on Facebook by Matt James.

Property of Salvation Army.


The Salvation Army Citadel on Great Moor Street just up from the Balmoral Hotel.


The SA started in Bolton in 1878.


Quite a lot of people will remember Lanzetter's jewellers and Skelton sewing machines.

This seems to be the old shop. After the extension this part became the lighting department, but even before then they usually had lights in this window.

What a shop it was. You could get everything and anything in the hardware line. Nails and screws, counted out or weighed into paper packets - just the number you wanted - not having to buy far too many in sealed plastic; segs for your shoes (who remembers those?); bell pushes........

The Gregory and Porritt's site now has this building on it -2019. Apparently it was being built as student accommodation by the man who owns Bury Football Club. You may be aware that Bury had difficulties paying players' wages - not only Bolton - so it seems he has money troubles and at least for the time being building has stopped.

2014 A google pictureTurkish Baths

May 2015 (C) WDC


From the right - Gregory and Porritts has now been demolished; Turkished Baths; Tax Office, now Army Careers Office, the high stone plaque says 1898; Chancery Lane; The Mawdesley Street Sunday School building which for many years was FADS but by 2015 had been disused for some time. It was demolished in 2018.

The Sunday School in all its glory. It was quite a fine building and surely should have been retained, though by 2018 when it was demolished the ground floor had been turned into a real mess and the higher storeys needed some attention.

May 2015 (C) WDC

The ground floor has become an eyesore though the upper storeys appear to be in quite good repair.

FADS has closed down at this point. To its left is "The 99p Shop" also no longer in business.

May 2015 (C) WDC

Seen from Johnson Street with St Patrick's RC Church on the corner.

The Sunday School Building still looks a decent building but we have greenery growing from the side walls.


This was on the side of the Mawdsley Street Sunday School. I wonder if this plaque was saved when the building was sadly demolished.

When FADS and the 99p shop were still functioning.

Not my picture. Is it yours?


The whitish rectangle at the right hand end of the building is the above plaque.

a sad sight

Great Moor Street, bus outside Congregational School.

Picture posted on Facebook by David Whenlock

We see all the buildings we have previously looked at including the Internal Revenue Office, Turkish Baths, Gregory and Porrits (original building) Salvation Army Citadel with Lanzetter's jewellers, and The Balmoral on the corner. Of course we also see the LIDO.

28230 043.39 x71 Great Moor Street small 28240 043.40 x88 small 28250 043.61 XPP 28260 043.60 1998 3070 IMG4_0003 small 28270 043.64 Mawdsley Street 28280 043.63 Acresfield looking towards Mawdsley St 28290 043.62 XPP Mawdesley St 28300 43.30 GMS cong ch, c1926, founded 1808 imageFile_480, Bolton Archives 28310 043.50 x71 Great Moor Street small 28320 043.10 x88 1959 Great Moor St small 28330 043.95 posted by Gene Watts Great Moor Stree 28340 043.95 N 1927 David WhenlockGMS 28345 GMS 1929 28350 040.5b y6.7 Newport Street GMS 28360 043.93 GMS pre Lido 28370 043.90 y GMS DW 28380 043.92 1910 28400 043.91 1998 Great Moor Street small 28410 043.90 x179 Great Moor Street small 28420 043.65 XPP Johnson St foot bridge 28430 043.86 PeterHaslam 28490 043.85 XPP New Zealand Chief 28500 Stephen Southern 28510 043.95 Mb 35 GMS GW 28531 043.95 March 1955 Great Moor Street b New Zealand Chief small 28541 042.5 small 28545 042 small 28550 043.2 Great Moor Street where transport Inte 28560 044.5 Newport Street ready for demolition fo 28570 042.5 Newport St demolished small 28580 043.2 GMS and Newport St demol leaving Shann 28590 043.2 Shannons 20 Jan 2014 A 28600 043.3 Shannons 20 Jan 2014 B Home page Previous Page Next Page Main Menu 28225 043.20 x88b 1957 Great Moor Street small


Mawdesley Street on the left with the corner of the Congregational Church and the Congregational School looking in good repair and not yet turned into a shop. St Patrick’s RC church just visible on the right – probably no steeple, the end wall is Bolton County Grammar School. And of course The LIDO.

early 1950s

From the side of St Patrick’s, Johnson Street, (where the foot bridge across the railway junction from Trinity Street came out) we look across GMS and straight along Mawdesley Street, down to the Gas Offices on Hotel Street. We see the Congregational Church again and behind it the Mawdesley Street Institute.

we look across GMS and straight along Mawdesley Street, down to the Gas Offices on Hotel Street. We see the Congregational Church again and behind it the Mawdesley Street Institute.

probably 1920s

Mawdesley St viewed from alongside court building, looking into Acresfield with the gas office tower prominent towards the left.

(C) WDC A similar view in August 1998, quite different, looks from Johnson St across Gt Moor St into Mawdesley St,along to theArndale, now Crompton Centre. Not much changed from 1998 to 2019 except for the demolition of the Sunday School building (FADS).(C) WDC A similar view in August 1998, quite different, looks from Johnson St across Gt Moor St into Mawdesley St,along to theArndale, now Crompton Centre. Not much changed from 1998 to 2019 except for the demolition of the Sunday School building (FADS).

Looking along Mawdesley Street to St Patrick’s Church where new steeple is being erected.

Originally posted on Facebook by Angela Thompson.

A gloomy old picture looking along Acresfield into Mawdesley Street with Great Moor Street at the end.

Acresfield, Mawdsley Street looking towards Great Moor Street.

Back to Great Moor Street and a fine picture of the Congregational Church which had been 1870.

When Great Moor Street was widened in the 1920s the front of the church was chopped off and rebuilt further back. This picture is after the rebuilding with five windows on the side instead of the original seven.

March 1963

From a few yards further back into Johnson Street, remember the garage? The demolition of the Mawdsley Street Congregational Church

November 1959

We look down Great Moor Street towards the Lido. GMS Congregational Church is still in use. The buildings on this side of it were erected in the late 1920s when Great Moor Street was widened

Picture posted on Facebook by Gene Watts


Great Moor Street looking towards Newport Street. These shops, typical of their time replaced the Congregational Church.

Note the rebuilt Wheatsheaf pub on the far corner of Newport Street and the Flash Street Mill chimney at the far left.

A David Whenlock picture dated 1927.


Great Moor Street being widened. The nearest building is the new (mid/late 1920s) shops west of the Congregational Church. Then on the corner of Great Moor Street and Newport Street, the Waller and Riley chemist has not yet been demolished


Note the Flash Street Mills chimney.


The new building for Waller and Riley chemist is almost complete in its new alignment and the building with the Bovril advert will shortly be demolished.

1930 Great Moor Street has now been widened. The building on the corner was rebuilt with a rounded front to match the Wheatsheaf (Shannons was presumably built at the same time) while it was still Waller and Riley. It became Timothy White’s and Taylors and then Boots and is still a chemists. Note the view down Great Moor Street, the LIDO has not yet been built.

I have been told that the round corners (also Oxford St / Knowsley St) were to facilitate trams turning the corner. Probably true, but a nice architectural feature anyway.

The chemist and Shannons (off the picture to the right) also matched the rounded front of the older Wheatsheaf Hotel (off the picture on the left).

Return to the Bradshawgate end of Great Moor Street, The LIDO has not yet appeared.The main feature of the picture is the Bolton County Grammar School - previously the Municipal Secondary School and the Higher Grade School.

Built 1897 in red brick with terracotta dressings. Listed Grade II. The listing specifically includes the railings in front of and to the side the building.

A David Whenlock card.

County Grammar moved to Breightmet in 1966. The building was used for Sharples School before that was ready in approx 1973. At some point it was also an annex to the Art College.

It has been “The Old School Rooms” Apartments since c2000.

postcard dated 1910

1998 (C)WDC

The County Grammar School building was an annex of the Technical College (Art College) when BCGS moved to Withins.

County Grammar School

Great Moor Street.

Johnson Street, bridge over the railway triangle across to Trinity Street.

Picture posted by Peter Haslam

Great Moor Street. We see the County Grammar School, St Patrick's Church with its new steeple, the New Zealand Chief hidden by the bus and Partington's cycle shop.

Notice the detail of the leaded window to the right.

The New Zealand Chief. 5 Great Moor Street.

Stephen Southern's picture.

A nice view of that whole block. Fairly recent, the Lido has been replaced, the New Zealand Chief has been replaced, but this is before the whole block was demolished for the new transport interchange.

35 Great Moor Street.

Posted on Facebook by Gene Watts

March 1955

Great Moor Street up towards Newport Street.

Note the old Wheatsheaf pub on the far corner of Newport Street and the Flash Street Mill chimney. Olympus has not yet been rebuilt.

9 May 2013 (C) WDC

Great Moor Street. The block from Shannon's to (not including) St Patrick's Church is about to be demolished for the new transport interchange

Soon to be demolished. There had been suggestions that Shannon's might have survived matching the other round corners, chemist and Wheatsheaf.

Olympus had already been rebuilt on the near right corner (off the picture) with a diagonal instead of rounded corner.

Looking down Newport Street through the Gateway into Bolton to Trinity Church - of course on a one way street out of Bolton.


Everything as far as the bridge is shortly to be demolished.

28 Dec 2013 (C)WDC

The block has been demolished but Shannon's still stands. Will it be saved?

28 Dec 2013 (C)WDC

The block has been demolished but Shannon's still stands, lonely, like a sore thumb. Will it be saved?

20 Jan 2014





Fantastic picture of Shannon's about to be demolished. We are looking across Great Moor Street along Newport Street towards Trinity Church

20 Jan 2014


demolition in progress.

If this is your picture please tell me.

28620 044.5 Newport St demolished. Shannons remains

28 Dec 2013 (C) WDC

same view as just above after much of the demolition has been completed but Shannons still stands

28630 044.9 View across demolished Newport St to S

28 Dec 2013 (C) WDC

looking from Newport Street through the demolition site to St Patrick's Church and County Grammar School

28640 2014 02 11 92 small

11 Feb 2014 (C)WDC


Demolition completed

28650 2014 02 11 93 small 28660 2015 05 18 132 small 28670 2015 05 18 133 small

11 Feb 2014 (C)WDC

18 May 2015 (C)WDC

Hoardings surrounding the site as building commences on the new Transport Interchange.

28680 2017 09 05 10 small 28690 2017 09 05 11 small

5 Sep 2017 (C) WDC


The end result. Great Moor Street to the left and Newport Street to the right dominated by the new Transport Interchange building. This block is actually occupied by University of Bolton. (left)


5 Sep 2017 (C) WDC

The end result. Looking up Great Moor Street past the new Transport Interchange building.