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  Bank Street and Manor Street



 A busy Bank Street around 1910. On the left is Preston's, the corner building on the right has by this time got its fake black and white facing. The tram is T for Tonge Moor and is going down the hill towards Folds Road and Tonge Moor.


















Bank Street was once known as Windy Bank.


Traffic problems in 1961 because of resurfacing on Bank Street cause nose to tail traffic from the Marsden Road (fire station) island along Deansgate to this point.

















A good and rather old picture of the Bank Street Unitarian Church and school. The older building lower down Bank Street is the original Unitarian Church built in 1846 though a Unitarian chapel was established there in 1696. The newer building was built in 1856 after which the older building became the Sunday School building. The newer building still stands though the older building was demolished some years ago. (Posted on Facebook by Julie Kershaw.)

















Bolton Archives


Bank Street, Unitarian Chapel and School




















December 1968. A broken lorry at the top of Bank Street causes traffic problems.


Shops we can identify include Manor Carpets, John Blundell and Allsops.




A busy Bank Street. The Unitarian school room still stands at this date

























17 May 2012. Not as busy as it used to be. The Unitarian School has now disappeared.



















Picture from Julie Vanion. A fairly tidy looking Bank Street, probably 1970s, Maxwell’s Plum, Picturesque, Card Angelique, restaurant. The night club had these names probably in this order: Beachcomber, Cromwellian, Playmate, Maxwell’s Plum.
















The Playmate Club on Bank Street. to the left is the River Croal about 20 feet below the road. In the foreground is a pleasant place to sit on the site of the Unitarian School building. It has recently become a rather less pleasant car park.


The road to the right is of course Bank Street. To the left of the bridge it changes its name to Manor Street. The river is the boundary between Greater Bolton to the right and Little Bolton to the left.


















Bank Street, apparently the Croal Bridge but the buildings above are quite different from, (much older than) the ones on the next picture.





















Bank Street being widened, Whitehurst’s being demolished, the One Horse Shoe, picture from Lost Pubs of Bolton




























Whitehurst's corn mill.
















Whitehurst's corn mill.

The writing on the lorry says "Crownall Products".

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Much busier in 1966.



Number 44 Tonge Moor bus

Similar view in 1959. Picture posted on Facebook by Edward Thompson.

Bank Street, which was previously called Windy Bank, stretches from the Preston's corner down to the River Croal. You can see the bridge parapet between the dark building on the right hand side (Unitarian Chapel Sunday School building) and the white building which is Whitehurst's corn mill. This side of the bridge we are in Little Bolton and the road is called Manor Street. To the left off the picture is Folds Road, to the right is Bow Street, behind us is Kay Street.




This picture looks up Manor Street and Bank Street towards Deansgate in 1950. The squarish building, above the barrow, behind the policeman is the Dog and Partridge pub.

1999, Manor Street and Bank Street look surprisingly tidy, the Dog and Partridge has had  a face lift. Clearly the old shops on the corner have been removed - in fact quite a time before this picture.

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9 May 2013


Not too much different but we can see temporary carpark where buildings on the corner of Bow Street had been demolished.



In November 1998 the Bolton News reported that the pub had looked into its history. Regulars had found plans and 18th century documents including a last will and testament in which the pub was bequeathed on a 900 year lease at £50 per year.


29 October 2014 a Land Rover ploughed into the side of the pub. Craig Durham who owned and ran Clyde’s Gents Stylists  in Higher Market Street, Farnworth who had problems tried to commit suicide by causing this crash. He caused substantial structural damage and a number of people were lucky not to be killed. His parents said that he had not intended any harm to anyone else.


The pub has never reopened and is likely to be demolished. It sadly put the Licensee out of work and deprived a number of local bands of their place to play.


Mr Durham was found hanged in January 2015 possibly because his previous problems were exacerbated by a fear of going to prison. (based on Bolton News reports)

PC103 Scoble on point duty


The bus is going along Bow Street with Crown Street off to the left at the Digger and Lido posters and up behind Whitehurst's.


ACDO is a Bolton firm.


LANRY (on the back of the bus) a bleach made by a firm in Nelson



Bow Street, a summer’s day. The drains had been unable to cope with a thunderstorm and water coming up from the drains reached a depth of almost a foot.

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Water Street and the Grapes Hotel from Brown Street. This building was originally owned by a wine merchant called Robert Barlow and it became the first bank in Bolton circa 1818. The pub closed 1952.


The far end of Brown Street looking across to the Grapes Hotel and a surprisingly steep Water Street.


We have a typical corner shop, main merchandise tea and cigarettes, with the vitreous enamel  iron plate signs. Just shows how long they expected things to remain unchanged.


Typical also is the chap standing there to get on the picture.


Straight across is Well Street leading to Bury Street which terminates at the Church Wharf / Craddock Street railway sidings.

The building to the left of Taylor's must be the original  Dog and Partridge pub whose address was 22 Manor Street.


We are looking along Brown Street from Manor Street looking towards Water Street. (The street name is easily readable on the original but the R is missing from Brown.) Notice the hoist up to that first floor door.


Bolton Archive Is00528

Water Street as it approaches Folds Road.

May 1970

the building of the Folds Road dual carriageway. The Co-op bakery is for sale. Folds Road School is still in place.

Picture by Adrian Drummond-Hill


Folds Road corner with Kay Street, the dual carriageway now complete. The Co-op bakery now Cearns and Brown, beyond it a pleasant cluster of buildings (a very unpleasant wasteland in 2015) and Folds Road School. Prominent on the sky-line is St John’s Church, Latimer Street.

    Now we will return to Deansgate via Crown Street.

<<<left   1998

Crown Street from Bow Street. The main features of this picture are the Unitarian Chapel on the left and the Bow Street Car Park on the right.


This car park was regarded as really quite ugly when it was built but before this picture it had received a face-lift which made it not too bad for a car-park.  


Around 2014 it was found to be structurally unsound (concrete cancer?) and was closed. The cost of bringing it back to a suitable standard together with the recent building of newer carparks at Topp Way and Deane Road led to a decision that it would be demolished.


In 2016 a group of people said they intended to buy it, renovate it, and create an indoor market / emporium, "The Link" with office space and a hotel. 7th January 2017 the Bolton News reported that building renovation work had started.



September 2013 very little change.              right>>>

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1 The Top Storey Club and the River Croal as it goes under Crown Street


2 Crown Street, the morning after the Top Storey Club fire, May 1961


3 Emphasises the height of the building. Sadly some people jumped to their deaths trying to escape the fire.

Looking along the Croal from Bank Street to Crown Street and the multi-storey car park


The top of Crown Street and the recently opened Elephant and Castle from Deansgate.

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Bernadette Ward posted on Facebook -  The shop on the left was my granddads shop it shows my granddad in the doorway and my mum on the is his business card.

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