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Another postcard from the collection of David Whenlock. We look from Nelson Square along Bradshawgate towards Prestons. This picture is probably 1930s though it remains exactly as many people will remember it in the 1950s and 60s. Albert Ward takes pride of place on the right hand side.



We will now progress down that part of Bradshawgate but before we do we will look at some water colour pictures from before and after the widening of Bradshawgate around 1910.

Infirmary building      Packhorse  pre 1904

(later education Offices)

p16 030_449x315

50 Bradshawgate, 1902, Ramsdens Music Shop. To its right, the Volunteer pub which became The Empire, replaced by Saddle c1905.


Ramsden’s and to the left was replaced by the building through which ran The Arcade and replaced again by the Arndale centre. This is presently Primark’s frontage.

After the widening of Bradshawgate.

p16 040_864x244 p16 050_933x286

continuation to the right of the 1904 picture

Fold Street                  Yates Wine Lodge    Ship Inn                                                         The Fleece                                                             Deansgate

p16 060_745x317

The widened Bradshawgate; notice Whitheads on Deansgate which had been rebuilt in 1909.

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After the widening of Bradshawgate.

Bradshawgate 1946


A sombre Bradshawgate in 1946 showing particularly the well-known shop of George Graveson and Sons, acquired by Fisher Raworth & Co Ltd in 1935. In its heyday Gravesons was an “Aladdin’s Cave”  of ironmongery, hardware, electrical goods, etc. stacked on shelves or in pigeon-holes from floor to ceiling. Fishers left the premises for Whitehead’s  basement in the 1960s and later moved into their already existing large premises in Spa Road. Next door to Gravesons was the equally well-known Albert Wards Sports Outfitters, followed by Addisons, wine and spirits and Cantors, furnishers, a much smaller shop than its present day counterpart in the Newport Arcade. The 79 year old Wards was taken over by Whitaker’s in 1974 and shortly afterwards the business was transferred to their main store basement. (Bolton News caption of some years ago)



Bradshawgate by the corner of the Pack Horse looking along to Preston’s.

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Bradshawgate - a nice picture including the entrance to The Arcade.

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From near St Andrews Church through to Bradshawgate was “The Arcade” with Harker and Howarth’s Music, a posh dress shop, upstairs a ball-room dancing studio. It was lost to the Arndale Centre.

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1926 Bradshawgate


In the 1920s as you turned out of Nelson Square onto Bradshawgate and past the Packhorse, the next building would be the Paragon cinema built 1910(?)


Part of the Packhorse built 1904,5 can be seen immediately left.


No-one remembers this cinema, it did not remain long, other cinemas were built and this one may then have been too small to be viable.

Bradshawgate - much more recently the Arndale Centre replaces most of the above frontage. At this time there is an entrance to the Arndale Centre on this frontage so at least during opening hours there is a route through from Exchange Street close to Victoria Square to Bradshawgate - not too different from the old arcade. More recently Primark extended its store right across the front and for security reasons removed its own access to/from Bradshawgate. There has been quite a lot of protest from the point of view of the loss of that route and from the point of view that Primark was able to get its own way by threatening to leave town if this development was not allowed.

Posted on Facebook by Owen Lythgoe.

Perhaps the best remembered and best loved shop in the Arcade, Harker and Howarth's music shop.


On the right we have Jack Howarth and Tom Harker c1966?


   We will continue along this (west) side of Bradshawgate.

From Bolton News "Looking Back".

p16 180 p16 190_572x386 p16 200_948x641

 Prudential   Packhorse Ramsden's Volunteer                 Preston's                                                                           Fold Street                H Samuel's




Fold Street / Bradshawgate - Bromley’s Fine Art Depository


Bromiley's quaint building is what was replaced by the Refuge building on the previous picture. There is not much to recommend the rest of the block but what a shame we lost this building. In fact it was a victim of the widening of Bradshawgate c1910.


The whole picture is interesting. Notice far left the pointed turret of the Prudential Building on the corner of Nelson Square. Then we see the almost derelict single storey Packhorse. Moving further right we see what was at some time Ramsden's music shop and the Volunteer (Saddle) Inn. The picture is taken in the morning with the early sun shining up Wood Street on to Preston's Jewellers with the clock at one end and the lantern at the other before its move to 2 Deansgate in 1905. The clock is not telling the correct time.Then we have Bromiley's, Fold Street and on the right of the picture the H belongs to H Samuels.

p16 210_368x390 p16 220

Prestons from the above picture.



This was posted on Facebook by Peter Lodge.

p16 230 p16 240

A quick look up Fold Street with Bowkers Row and Chancery Lane on the left and Acresfield across the end.


We see Sherries, Anglo-Continental Travels with Howcrofts then Chez Aristotle.


The building facing us is labeled "Royal Close" (Globe? Glory?)

p16 250_525x385 p16 260_405x364 p16 270_572x417

On the right as we enter Fold Street was Wood and Co tea and coffee merchants. The aroma as you entered the shop was to die for.

A longer view up Fold Street. The awning is probably at Sherries.



Looking back towards Bradshawgate.

This picture seems to be immediately before demolition when the Arndale Centre was built.

p16 280_527x383 p16 290_497x489

c1962 Picture from Bolton Museums Archive. A view back out onto Bradshawgate. Wood Street is just off the picture to the left.

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Ross Munro's Wine House

p16 115 Ross Munro

Picture supplied by Richard A Whyte.

Bradshawgate c1895-1904

Artist R E Cooper '78

The Wine House was next door but one to The Pack Horse.


Some information on Ross Munro has been put together by Richard A White whose great grandparents were part of the families involved.  Some of the information is from and

Around 1885, Robert Anderson Ross relocated from Ross-shire, Scotland to Bolton and began working for George Munro, an established wines and Spirits merchant.


When George died in 1894, the business became Ross Munro and Co (Bolton) with premises also in Wigan (via brother Hugh Ross who was Mayor of Wigan 1905-6) and Oldham (via brother George Ross).

Picture supplied by Richard A Whyte.

Bradshawgate c1895-1904

Artist R E Cooper '78

The Wine House was next door but one to The Pack Horse.

Picture supplied by Richard A Whyte.

Bradshawgate c1895-1904

Artist R E Cooper '78

The Wine House was next door but one to The Pack Horse.

Around 1879/80, the owner of the Sun on Bradshawgate having died, his widow sold the business to Ross Munro and Company (sic – note however that this date is before Ross Munro came into being, perhaps that should be “sold the business to George Munro and Company.) The Sun remained with Ross Munro until 1905 when the council had plans to widen Bradshawgate and wanted to demolish properties on the west side of the street from the junction with Deansgate to Nelson Square. But while a number of nearby pubs such as the Saddle and the Fleece were re-built on the new street, Ross, Munro and Co “took the money and ran” (lost pubs). The Sun was on part of the site where Primark now is.

Between c1900 and c1955 Ross Munro had an establishment on Victoria Square between Cooper Bros (later Taylors) and Naisbys.  Naisbys extended into the Ross Munro premises and Ross Munro moved around the corner to Hotel St on the other side of Naisbys where they stayed until c1966, after the corner had been rebuilt and Timothy Whites replaced Naisby’s.

The Saddle Inn was owned by Ross Munro at some point and demolished when the Arndale was built in 1970. Ross Munro had a wine bottling plant on Mealhouse Lane (R A Whyte - I only know of this because my Dad worked there when he was in his teens.)

The premises most likely to be remembered are the “Scotch Vaults” or George Munro’s on Deansgate next to Dunn’s hatters where Marks and Spencers have now extended to.


Ross Monro’s premises have been pointed out on the various pages of this web-site where they appear.

next door but one to The Pack Horse