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As you approach the junction of Bradshawgate with Great Moor Street, on the right between the what is now Cash Generator and what has replaced the Lido is a fairly old premises.  This was Cheadle’s pie and cake shop, in the early-mid 20th century, more recently Muldoon’s Bar, Durty Gurty’s and now apparently DG Bar. It is worth noting the plaster patterning, not common round here, called pargetting in Suffolk, and carved guttering supports.


The picture below, left was published in the Bolton Evening News clearly shows a dog's head (there is another one at the right hand end of the gutter). Note a smaller dog facing forward, the carving all along the soffit and the plaster patterns.


The picture below, right, (a detail from the top picture) shows that the main carving is stil there in September 2009 though the details have been slightly obscured by layers of paint. The smaller dog seems to have disappeared. The plasterwork remains.

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Picture posted on Facebook by Denis McCann. On the extreme right we see the building with the dog's head carving and the plasterwork - not quite clear admittedly but you will reconise the shape of the downspout. Further on is the half timbered double gable of the Etchell's Dye Works. This is where the LIDO cinema would be built.




It is hard to read the shop names but I think we have Meeson's in the next block, the next three storey building was later half demolished with the remaining half becoming Morris's tobacconists. Partly obscured by the tram (D Doffcocker) is Silverwell Street and the old Post Office Building.




On the extreme left is Moyle's then the Balmoral. We see the Prudential Building with its hat on and the rebuilt Packhorse. The tall structure to the left of the tram is just a set of chimneys.


Similar picture posted by Peter Lodge. Similar but not exactly same date. We have The Bolton Creamery then what still looks like Meeson's.



The construction of the Lido. Arnold Kay’s garage, behind, had been the Ideal Cinema. That building burned down in 1980 and was demolished.


The Lido opened in March 1937. During its life, mostly as a cinema it had short periods of having live shows. It closed in January 1998.



Love the Health and Safety aspect of this picture! The notice says, "British Steel - Banister Walton - Manchester & London".

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The Lido in its hey-day, get your sweets and cigs before you go in. The shop to the right is the one with the dogs' heads and the plasterwork. Does it sell electrical goods at this time?

The view as you approach from Great Moor Street. The Lido is now Cannon, Screen 1 is showing Down and Out in Beverley Hills (released 1986). The shop at the left corner probably says Retail, Wholesale. At one stage it sold wigs but it is not clear whether that is so at this time. On the right is The Dance Factory which preceded Laser Quest.


John Willie’s occupies the building on the right of Great Moor Street.

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Looking across the front of the LIDO probably late 1920s.


A Postcard posted on Facebook by David Whenlock.  


The shop to the right of the Lido is a bike shop.


The shop on the corner of Great Moor Street is Richard Moyles


The Prudential Building has lost its hat.


Looking across the LIDO corner in 1954. A Postcard posted on Facebook by David Whenlock.  


The shop to the right of the Lido is still a bike shop.


Surprisingly little has changed. Trams have been replaced by buses and the poles which held up the tram wires now support the electric lamps. Gas lamps with the swan necks in the picture above which had replaced standard gas lanterns have of course been removed.

A quick look up Great Moor Street before we continue our journey along Bradshawgate. Building on the left corner now Chester Moonshine.





Gregory and Porritt's and the Salvation Army Citadel still stand but the Congregational Church is long gone.

Bottom of Great Moor Street with Inland Revenue, Turkish Baths then presumably Gregory and Porritt’s, but where is the Salvation Army Citadel. Has it moved to St George’s Road and G&P has extended? G&P is also an unfamiliar green colour.


Owner Michael Snape


date ?

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Bradshawgate from Great Moor Street looking towards Churchgate.


The Balmoral is on the left of the picture with the huge lamp.


After 1904 as Packhorse has been rebuilt. The Prudential Building has its "witch’s hat".

Bradshawgate looking towards Churchgate.

After 1904 as Packhorse has been rebuilt.

The Prudential Building has its "witch’s hat".



Bradshawgate, looking past Nelson Square and the Pack Horse. Prudential building's "hat" has been removed. Post trams. Probably mid-late 1950s.


Morris' tobacconist now has its sign painted on the gable end.


Voses/UCP tripe shop and cafe. These were everywhere in Bolton. This one was a few doors north of the Lido.

Bradshawgate and its well-loved tobacconists shop. Also James Walsh jewellers, Red Cross Hotel, Silverwell Street and the old GPO, at this time occupied by Ordnance Survey. The "entry" where the Capstan sign is goes to the back of Silverwell House.



Circus elephants in procession. Posted by Gene Watts who dated it 1964 – but it might be 1962.


We will see the elephants again on Deansgate.

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The art-deco building which was the Voses/UCP tripe shop and cafe is still there but most people never even notice it, overwhelmed by the Cube (student accommodation) and the Picture House (apartments on the site of the LIDO).


The Cube was destroyed by fire in 2019.


On the extreme left we see the "entry" adjacent to Morris's tobacconist which leads to the back of Silverwell House.

p13 195 entry

(C) Google Streetview


The entry and its postion relative to Silverwell Street and the old Post Office building.


This is directly opposite Nelson Square.

p13 196 2016 09 20 535 Silverwell House back door off Bradshawgate

(C) W D Collier 20 Sept 2016


A look through that entry to see the rear of Silverwell House, passed by and unseen by most people.


Silverwell House featured later.

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Prudential Building c1975


Corner of Bradshawgate and Nelson Square. The conical tower has been removed from the corner some years previously.




Built of local terra-cotta 1889 by Alfred Waterhouse for Prudential Assurance Company. Brick and terracotta with slate roof; Grade II listed 26/4/1974.




Also Scholes and Scholes.




This is another corner where there building appears to have been built in anticipation of further extension at some future time which never came.


Postcard from David Whenlock.


Looking back along Bradshawgate from Nelson Square.


We note Nathan Bury, Tailor on the corner of Silverwell Street, then a pub – it is possible to read “ales” though it is not clearly the Red Cross at this time.


It is probable that the Lido, built 1937, has not yet been built though this is not clear. The most obvious landmark on the left is the King’s Hall so this is after 1907. The Prudential building has its witch’s hat on.

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